How to design your own additions to the house for free
Designing your own more home can be a fun and challenging process. Only, you know exactly what your family needs in the area of extra space. Once you have scribbled all your ideas, it’s time to put them in perspective and determine if you can make your dream expansion a reality.

Graphic design on paper:
1.    Measure the space available for your most home. Houses can be built on, with a room attached to the existing house, or can be built down, with the addition of a basement. You can even build a house up, adding another level to your home.

2.    Draw a contour on graph paper with the desired measurements for your plus. A square will be equal to one foot of the measured space.

3.    Draw in doors and windows. Imagine rooms, corridors and where you want located.

4.    Keep your ideas inside the chart lines and you can sketch and rearrange as much as you want.

Designing a house on-line

1.    Go online and search for a free home design website. Many home improvement stores have free online sites available for you to use.

2.    Type in your home design steps. The grid will appear on your screen and allow you to slide windows, doors, corridors, appliances, furniture or anything else you want into your design.
3.    Click to see your design in a grid or click again to see your 3D design. Save your design file for future reference.
Tips & Warnings

Develop several ideas and compare them to determine which plan will work best for you and your family.

Take all your plans to an engineer or architect to finalize them and make sure they can be done. Some cities have prescriptions related to how you can extend your home, contact your local zoning / building department to see if your plans are feasible. The architect will make them design in a floor plan for an entrepreneur to follow.